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  • I'm not going to lie that my Italian is the yellow of the egg, so per adesso (look at me with those Italian terms), I'll write in English. On the En wiki, we had that discussion a while ago on the fact that dæmons were actually related to the human and so should be put together on the same article. Do you think that should be the same here? E.g. putting Lyra Linguargentina and Pantalaimon on the same article? Thanks!

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  • Hi Amy! Thanks to the contributions to our HDM pt-br Wikia! And i'm not talking only about adding interwiki links (this is awesome too): i have read the "Admin rights and pt-br:Lyra Belacqua" message in the english wikia, and you and RobertATfm are right. Anyway, if you have any doubt about pt-br articles, you can contact me.

    Another thing: have you heard about The Collectors audiobook? A history about young Marise Coulter by Philip Pullman... Here is the link on the pt-br wikia: What about adding a page on this and the english wikia? Also, you can get it free on the audible Website (with the free trial membership).

    Best regards from Brazil, and sorry for my poor english. Felipe.

    Felipebrs (talk) 01:04, feb 12, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Hello, Felipe!

      Firstly, don't apologise for your English; it's really good. It's much better than my Portuguese, haha.

      Secondly, I actually hadn't heard of the audiobook! I'm going to download it right now. How exciting! Thank you so much for letting me know. I'm working on updating our homepage. I've already updated the theme and this is next on my list, but I have a busy university schedule, too.

      Kind regards,

      - Amyosaurus (profile|talk) 08:02, feb 12, 2015 (UTC)

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